Indonesia, one of the many developing countries in the world, continues to face a wide range of problems in various fields, including poverty amongst families. With the scale of the issue, it is often not enough to simply rely on help from the government. In fact, serious attention needs to be given to children who are raised in poor families. There is a need to address issues like malnutrition and lack of educational facilities, as well as social and environmental issues like child abuse where the joy of childhood is stolen away, thus leading them to a bleak future. This fact is supported by data from the 2012 UNICEF Annual Report, which states that child poverty in Indonesia is even greater in number compared to the poverty of adults. It is experienced by 44.4 million children, equivalent to more than 50% of all the youth in Indonesia. It is a pressing situation that desperately needs assistance from as many people and groups as possible.

These unfortunate children who we see everyday have moved the spirit of First Travel, one of the largest Umrah travel companies in Indonesia, to sincerely work hard and try to help create opportunities for these young Indonesians to reclaim a wonderful childhood.
Chaired by Mrs. Anniesa, who is one of the founders of First Travel, FT Foundation was officially formed and recognized by the government as a foundation engaged in the development of children in Indonesia.



FT Foundation has a vision to reach out to as many Indonesian children as possible in order to provide better health opportunities, as well as to inspire them to be more cheerful, intelligent and noble,  all to direct them towards a brighter future.


FT Foundation’s mission is to contribute to the welfare of these children actively and directly, as well as to invite the Indonesian people to act together in helping them get the proper education, health and social welfare that they need in order to give them a brighter future, ultimately making them productive citizens in the future.


FT Foundation was established purely for social purposes. It is a non-profit entity that is trying to reach as many children in need as possible. Not a single penny was taken for our company’s benefit nor for personal use. To maintain transparency, all reports will be published in detail, online and open to the respective donors, sponsors or volunteers. We will also require the service of independent and respectable auditing agencies obtained through inputs from donors to better monitor our activities and expenses.


FT Foundation seeks to help as many children as possible across Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke, especially in the suburb and rural area.


Although we are a non-profit organization, we are still trying to run our efforts professionally. We want our help to fall into the hands of the right person with the right way. For this, we are not solely based on collecting proposals in order to help — we want to be more active in searching, viewing and checking directly those who are really in need. We formed a team to survey areas and ensure that help will fall to the right person. We also consider the means on how we can extend our help, so that we can avoid providing financial assistance that is vulnerable to fraud. To do this, we directly and personally deliver the aid to the intended target. For example, in providing scholarships, we prefer to directly pay the funds to the school rather than give the money to the students or parents as they might use it for something else.


In order to cover more children in need and help them in a more holistic way aside from the activities that we have already done,
we are also planning other larger-scale programs to be able to reach more children who need our help.
The programs that we planned are as follows:


These activities were initially done independently at our own expense, but over time, the FT foundation realized that there is
a need for the broader community to reach out to more underprivileged children whose locations are spread across Indonesia.
We believe success will be realized more quickly if we all work together to make it happen.

For that reason, the FT Foundation invites various sectors of society to become actively involved in helping underprivileged children according to their respective capabilities by:


"Currently people can worship more comfortable thanks to the development of the First Foundation."

Surya Ali – An Nur Mosque’s Officer

"First Aid Foundation has lightened our burden for one year because we can pay school fees for the children."

Imam Nurman – Indonesians Child Foundation’s Officer


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FT Foundation has a vision to reach out to as many Indonesian children as possible. FT Foundation’s mission is to contribute to the welfare of these children actively and directly As well as to invite the Indonesian people to act together in helping them get the proper education